Thai protest rally plans complicated by king's itinerary

Thai protest rally plans complicated by king's itinerary

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) – Thai activists hope to keep up the momentum in their campaign for democratic change with a third major rally in Bangkok on Wednesday, though there are concerns about possible confrontation with police or rival government supporters.

Plans for the rally at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument have been complicated by King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s duties, which include him being driven around the protest venue to attend a royal ceremony.

The protest leaders said they will make way for the king, and police said they are confident they can control the crowds. Still, there is possibility that protesters, widely seen as unsympathetic to the king, could at a minimum show public disrespect for the crown.

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The king made a similar drive on Tuesday after police cleared tents set up near the monument and arrested 21 people on minor charges.

“The Democracy Monument arrests raise serious concerns that the government will impose even harsher repression of people’s fundamental freedoms in

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