Texas Attorney General Reveals Stunning Increase in Number of 'Criminal Aliens' Entering US

Texas Attorney General Reveals Stunning Increase in Number of 'Criminal Aliens' Entering US

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed U.S. Border Patrol has experienced a major spike in criminal alien crossings of the border as the crisis continues to escalate.

Paxton shared the concerns during an interview on “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday morning. When asked, “How many are getting in?” he responded with concern.

“I don’t even think we know. I think my state isn’t told much about what’s actually happening. We’re not given the statistics. We’re given broad statistics, but we don’t know exactly how many people are escaping,” the attorney general said.

As Republican governors head to the southern border, Texas Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX sounds the alarm as the border patrol nabs gang members and sex offenders coming into the United States.https://t.co/pY61XYHeBz

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— Fox & Friends First (@FoxFriendsFirst) October 6, 2021


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He said the number of criminal alien crossings is reportedly up “about 400 percent” from last year.

“We do know that the numbers are up supposedly about 400 percent from just a year ago for criminal aliens coming into our country. So it’s a significant increase. The Biden administration knows it and they support it,” Paxton added.

Paxton also responded to the question, “How much worse could this get before something is done about it?”

The attorney general’s words offered little hope for a response from the Biden administration.

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“I don’t think they have any intention, the Biden administration has no intention of stopping it even if it gets worse. The numbers are so significantly more than they’ve ever been, yet there’s no effort on their part to follow federal law or to even follow court orders,” said Paxton, a Republican and outspoken critic of the Biden administration.

“They’re allowing it. They’re inviting it. They’re wanting it,” he added.

The news comes as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to join 10 additional GOP governors for a news conference at the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday to address the growing crisis.

The media briefing will be held in Mission, Texas, and will also include the chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the president of

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