Texans Can Dethrone ‘Abortion Rights Queen’ Wendy Davis

Texans Can Dethrone ‘Abortion Rights Queen’ Wendy Davis

Since the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy, the national debate over abortion has returned to the forefront. For pro-life Americans, there is no more important U.S. House race in the country than Texas’ 21st Congressional District.

The choice for Hill Country Texans from Austin to Kerrville could not be more stark than that between trusted pro-life Republican Chip Roy and the radically anti-life leftist Wendy Davis. Congressman Roy has been endorsed by pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, while every extreme pro-abortion group in the nation has endorsed Davis.

Conservatives across America might remember Davis from her 15 minutes of fame in 2013 when she mounted an unsuccessful filibuster against the passage of a Texas law against late-term abortions. The commonsense law she vehemently opposed created protections for children at 20 weeks, the age at which they can feel pain in the womb.

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She was

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