Tesla Crash Rains Flaming Batteries into Nearby Homes

Tesla Crash Rains Flaming Batteries into Nearby Homes

The driver of a Tesla in Oregon collided with a power pole and multiple trees at 100 mph this week, sending burning batteries flying into nearby homes.

Fox 12 Oregon reports that the driver of a 2019 Tesla Model S collided with a telephone pole causing parts of the car to enter nearby homes and damaged an apartment complex in Corvallis, Oregon, this week. Police stated that the driver was traveling eastbound in excess of 100 miles per hour when he lost control, left the roadway, and drove 300 feet before stopping.

The Tesla was badly damaged after hitting a power pole, shearing it off at the base, as well as knocking over two trees and a telephone junction box. Police added that hundreds of small flaming batteries that power the Tesla were spread all across the area due to the crash.

Batteries entered two different homes in the area by

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