Terrifying video shows resident disarming fake Amazon worker

Terrifying video shows resident disarming fake Amazon worker

Dramatic video from the UK captured the moment a fake Amazon worker armed with a shotgun received a delivery of heavy blows from his intended victim, who managed to disarm him and wait for cops to arrive.

Vicente Forde, 32, walked up to the front door on Crystal Palace Road in the affluent London neighborhood of Dulwich on July 13, 2020, holding an empty box and concealing the gun in his yellow jacket, My London reported.

When the homeowner — whose young daughter was on the phone with a friend — opened the door, Forde pulled out the firearm and pointed it at the victim, according to the news outlet.

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The quick-thinking resident grabbed the weapon and fought with the faux deliveryman, who shouted at him to let go of the gun or he would stab him.

As he screamed out for help, the victim managed to wrestle the weapon from the goon and throw it under a car.

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