Terminally ill Alabama man confesses to 1995 cold case killing

Terminally ill Alabama man confesses to 1995 cold case killing

A terminally ill Alabama man called cops to confess to a homicide that stumped investigators for 25 years, police said.

Johnny Dwight Whited, 53, told a Decatur police detective Wednesday that he was responsible for the 1995 slaying of Christopher Alvin Dailey, who died from a single gunshot wound to the head, department officials said.

“Despite the extensive investigation, a suspect was never developed in the case,” police said in a statement Thursday. “In the years that followed, the case was revisited several times for leads.”

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But nothing ever materialized until Whited decided to apparently clear his conscience of killing the 26-year-old Dailey. He later met with detectives and provided information matching evidence in the cold case. Dailey’s relatives have been notified of the arrest, police said.

Whited made the startling admission after being transferred twice while on the phone, the New York Times reported.

“’I want to confess to a murder that I did years ago,’” Detective Sean

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