Televised Town Halls Are Stacking ‘Undecided’ Voters With Democrats

Televised Town Halls Are Stacking ‘Undecided’ Voters With Democrats

Thursday evening was never going to be a fair night for President Donald Trump no matter what.

First, the incumbent Republican president was supposed to participate in a traditional town hall debate with former Vice President Joe Biden moderated by C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, a former intern for the Democratic candidate. Then, Scully publicly consulted fired anti-Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on how to handle the president in a since-deleted tweet. Scully claimed his account was hacked, which he would admit one week later was a lie. C-SPAN fired him.

Interesting tweet from debate moderator Steve Scully to Anthony Scaramucci.

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) October 9, 2020

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Meanwhile, the supposedly independent Commission on Presidential Debates run by Biden supporters spiked plans for the in-person town hall and announced the debate would be a virtual event without consulting the Trump campaign to Biden’s obvious benefit. Trump immediately rejected the idea, and the commission responded by cancelling the debate

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