Teen found guilty of murdering sisters in ‘blood pact with devil’

Teen found guilty of murdering sisters in ‘blood pact with devil’

A British teen has been found guilty of murdering two sisters in a London park — after he claimed he had a blood pact with a demon to kill six women every six months in exchange for winning the lottery.

Danyal Hussein, 19, fatally stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and her half-sister Nicole Smallman, 27, last June as the social worker and photographer were celebrating Henry’s birthday, according to the Sun.

Jurors were presented with a copy of Hussein’s ghastly handwritten “deal with the devil,” which was found in his bedroom and signed in his blood.

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Under that pact with Lucifuge Rofocale — the supposed “Prime Minister of Hell,” according to occultists — he pledged to “perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months for as long as I am free and physically capable.”

Danyal Hussein was obsessed with becoming a multimillionaire and believed the only way to do it was to make a pact with a demon.Metropolitan Police via

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