Teen armed with fake AR-15 fatally shot by man in Texas

Teen armed with fake AR-15 fatally shot by man in Texas

A teen boy armed with a fake AR-15 rifle was fatally shot by a man who had a real gun in Texas early Friday, according to a local report.

The boy was shot around 2 a.m. on Uvalde Road in Houston, Capt. J. Shannon of the Harris County Sheriff’s office told KHOU.

A 911 caller said he arrived at an apartment complex to meet a woman when two young men approached him, armed with what appeared to be AR-15 rifles, according to the report.

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In turn, the man pulled out his own gun and shot one of the teens, according to the report.

Responding deputies found the other teen on top of the one who had been shot, giving him CPR. Paramedics responded as well — but the teen did not survive.

An investigation revealed that the teens’ weapons weren’t real — but toy rifles made to look like AR-15s, according to the report.

The surviving teen was taken

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