Ted Cruz, Others Rip Obama’s Attorney General For ‘Lying’ Over ‘Court-Packing’ Claim

Ted Cruz, Others Rip Obama’s Attorney General For ‘Lying’ Over ‘Court-Packing’ Claim

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others slammed former Attorney General Eric Holder for falsely claiming that moving to confirm a judge to an open court seat is “court-packing.”

Holder, who served as attorney general under former President Barack Obama, claimed on Monday that the Senate moving to confirm Jones Day associate Kathryn Mizelle to a federal court seat constituted court-packing.

“THIS is court packing,” Holder said, reacting to a tweet reporting that Mizelle’s confirmation is scheduled for committee vote on Thursday. The question of court-packing has gained significant national attention in recent weeks as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to say whether he would push to add more seats to the Supreme Court if elected.

THIS is court packing. https://t.co/RveKSiAxD7

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— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) October 13, 2020

Cruz accused Holder of lying about court-packing is in order to deceive people of what the term really means.

“Webster’s defines ‘lie’: intransitive verb: to make an

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