TD Buy Trigger Could Cause XRP To Rip Against Bitcoin

TD Buy Trigger Could Cause XRP To Rip Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin has recently been picking up steam, stealing some of the capital and thunder from the DeFi trend and Ethereum. XRP, however, continues to lag behind both top crypto assets and linger sideways.

According to the Bitcoin trading pair, however, Ripple could soon rip against the leading cryptocurrency by market cap and catch up against Ethereum after long trailing behind.

TD 9 Buy Setup Prepares Ripple For Recovery Against Bitcoin And Ethereum, Revenge Against Tether

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Believe it or not, there was once a time when XRP had unseated Ethereum as the number two cryptocurrency by market cap. Now, even stablecoin Tether has printed enough market cap to put it ahead of Ripple, making now the fourth-ranked cryptocurrency.

At the height of Chainlink’s parabolic run this summer, it had also beaten XRP moving it further down the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. If XRP doesn’t catch up soon, investors could lose hope and capitulation could set in.

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