Syracuse U. Claims 'Identity-Based' Student Housing Is 'Open to All'

Syracuse U. Claims 'Identity-Based' Student Housing Is 'Open to All'

Syracuse University claims that its new “identity-based” student housing will be “open to all,” contrary to the name. The university added that “Future recruitment efforts will be targeted to Indigenous nations/tribal communities,” adding that it “plans to hire an Indigenous healer in spring 2021.”

In a bizarre move, Syracuse University is implementing segregated student housing based on identity, but maintains that such housing will still be “open to all,” according to a report by Campus Reform.

A spokeswoman for the university told the outlet that “our identity-based living-learning communities are open to anyone interested in learning more and exploring identities and cultures.” “Some are specifically for first-years, while others are open to all,” the spokeswoman added.

Syracuse University announced that it would be adding “learning communities or identity-based housing communities to as many residence halls as possible” last month on its website.

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The university went on to say that it would

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