Switzerland Arrests Islamic State Fighter Who Posed as Asylum Seeker


Police in Switzerland have arrested an alleged Islamic State fighter said to have lived in the country as an asylum seeker for at least six months.

Police arrested the suspected fighter on Saturday, according to the Swiss Public Ministry. Authorities said he had lived at an asylum home in the town of Altstätten before being sent to another centre in Kreuzlingen, 20 Minutes reports.

Other migrants living in the Altstätten asylum home say the suspect acted in a manner where he became a leading figure in the residential home, giving out orders. While some migrants complained about the way the alleged jihadist was acting, authorities did nothing to stop him.

Following his transfer to Kreuzlingen, several migrants came forward stating that they recognised the suspect, claiming that he had been an Islamic State militant. A short time later, a picture emerged of the suspect dressed in battle fatigues, which convinced prosecutors who then had

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