Suspended ePayments platform will relaunch without crypto

Suspended ePayments platform will relaunch without crypto

The ePayments online money transfer platform is restarting services following a seven month suspension – and notably absent this time around is support for cryptocurrencies.

ePayments is a global money transfer service that boasts over 1 million accounts and has issued 75,000 debit cards. According to their regulator filings, the firm made profits of $US23.2 million in 2019. The company has announced that it is preparing to “start working again” but as cryptocurrency accounted for one fifth of its business, relaunching without it is notable.

We are getting ready to start working together again. Please visit our blog to read the latest news:

— ePayments (@myepayments) September 14, 2020

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The United Kingdom-regulated electronic money institution was suspended in February 2020 following a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) review that highlighted issues with the firm’s anti-money laundering systems and controls.

ePayments took action to suspend all online payments, block pre-paid cards and it froze around a million customer accounts,

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