Supreme Court Dismisses Trump’s Twitter Case

Supreme Court Dismisses Trump’s Twitter Case

Well, at least the Supreme Court did something right.

The Supreme Court has just dismissed a case against President Trump that declared it was unconstitutional for him to block people on Twitter as President.

Ultimately the Supreme Court mooted the case because ” Trump is no longer in office and Twitter has blocked him”.

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Justice Clarence Thomas made an interesting statement in the decision, stating that President Trump had the power to block users but then Twitter went ahead and blocked “all Twitter users from interacting with his messages”.

Thomas is absolutely right, why is the Supreme Court looking at a case against President Trump for “violating the 1st Amendment” when Big Tech companies are the ones who are really suppressing free speech.

With Trump barred from Twitter, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case on whether his blocking people there violated their rights.

Justice Thomas used his dissent to make a different argument: That social

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