Study: Cities Run by Anti-Police Democrats See Skyrocketing Murders

Study: Cities Run by Anti-Police Democrats See Skyrocketing Murders

Anti-police sentiment gets people killed.

In the now almost year since George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis — leading to a nationwide movement to defund and delegitimize police officers and their departments — homicides skyrocketed in major cities run by Democrats.

Democrats, activist reporters and race-baiters might lie, but data doesn’t.

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The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, an advocacy group that champions police officers and the challenging jobs they do, compiled data after Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, which made cops the left’s public enemy no. 1. The results show that defunding the police sent people to their graves.

“Murder surged as police reduced their activity including stops, searches, and arrests,” the LELDF noted in its findings, and the group blamed the alarming uptick on less proactive policing in already dangerous communities.

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