Stormy Daniels case is 'a bust,' Melania story means NOTHING

Stormy Daniels case is ‘a bust,’ Melania story means NOTHING

Michael Cohen doesn’t have a reputation for telling the truth.

And as he took the stand earlier this week, Glenn Beck doesn’t believe much has changed — which is just one of many reasons he believes the Stormy Daniels case against Trump is “a bust.”

“They’re all at least getting delayed until after the election, which is really the only important thing at this point,” Stu Burguiere agrees. “Most of these charges against him were charges that they had previously themselves in this case decided not to pursue.”

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“There is no reason to ever believe anything that comes out of Michael Cohen’s mouth,” he adds. “He says whatever he has to at any given moment to benefit himself.”

Glenn and Stu

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