Stellar Network To Power New Savings API Launched By Wyre

Stellar Network To Power New Savings API Launched By Wyre

Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) CEO, Denelle Dixon, celebrated the result of a partnership with the payment infrastructure Wyre. This company has released a new Savings API for FinTechs to have access to a yield earning and savings product.

So exciting to see Wyre offer this functionality to the Stellar network. Congrats to the @sendwyre team on this launch!

— Denelle Dixon (@DenelleDixon) June 3, 2021

Based on the Stellar Network and its version of the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), created by the CENTRE consortium.  The API provides an annual yield much higher than the one offered by most traditional bank accounts backed by the U.S. dollar.

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This average has been estimated at an 0.06%, according to data provided by the SDF. With the Wyre Savings API, institutional and corporate clients receive more yield for their capital, can access tools for treasure management and can power earnings products for their clients.

Stellar Supports Growth Of Blockchain-Based Savings

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