Stats: Out of 13,573 Child Fatalities, COVID Accounts for 3.6% of Deaths - 7 Other Causes Account for 96.4%

Stats: Out of 13,573 Child Fatalities, COVID Accounts for 3.6% of Deaths – 7 Other Causes Account for 96.4%

We’re in the midst of a pandemic — one where our kids, in some states, have to be masked in school at all times. Naturally, this is a necessity, given that they’re dying in droves from a simple virus.

Well, droves might be the wrong word. And it’s worth noting that, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data from the last few years, fewer children and teens died of COVID than of drowning.

And car crashes. And gun violence. And traffic accidents. And poisoning. And suicide. In fact, the number of deaths from COVID, over the period from May 20, 2020, to Sept. 23, 2021, represented a small percentage of annual child deaths in the United States, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

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“Most children in the US die as a result of various accidents, including car crashes, drowning, and from being shot, the CDC says,” the Mail’s Andrea Blanco reported.

“A total of 3,343 children 19 and under lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2019, while there is an estimate of almost 4,000 children dying of fatal accidental drownings every year.


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“Poisoning accidents kill 730 children every year in the country.”

These numbers can be seen in the graph below from a World News tweet of the Mail’s article Monday.

Latest US official figures show that 498 children have been killed by COVID since the pandemic began

— World News (@worldnewstweet_) October 4, 2021

Based on 2019 statistics represented in the chart, 3,960 children died from drowning, 3,434 from car crashes, 3,285 from gun violence, 1,053 from traffic accidents, 730 from poisoning, 534 from suicide and 79 from bike accidents. Only 498 children died from COVID between 2020 and 2021 — this is compared to the 13,075 kids who have died from other unexpected causes.

In other words, your children are almost seven times more likely to die in a car than from COVID-19. They are almost eight times more likely to drown.

Furthermore, most children who contract COVID are asymptomatic or have mild cases.

But don’t worry, they’ll likely get a shot in the arm to ensure that 498 doesn’t creep up.

Last month, BioNTech and Pfizer announced they planned to seek approval for a reduced dose of their COVID vaccine

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