Statewide Emergency Issued In Oregon As ‘Unprecedented’ Wildfires Ravage The State

Statewide Emergency Issued In Oregon As ‘Unprecedented’ Wildfires Ravage The State

Thousands of Oregon residents were evacuated from their homes Tuesday as wildfires raged across the state.

Gov. Kate Brown declared a statewide emergency Tuesday after strong winds caused fires to expand and new ones to ignite, according to OBP. There are reportedly wildfires blazing in Marion, Lane, Jackson, Coos, Lincoln, Washington and Clackama counties, the outlet reported.

Sobering map of wildfires in the Western states. In Oregon, there are 35 active fires, which have burned more than 360,000 acres. Sections of I-5 are closed. The entire city of Medford is being evacuated. Stay safe, everyone.

— Thomas Lin (@7homaslin) September 9, 2020

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“Our number one priority is evacuation and basic life safety,” Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple told the outlet. “This wind event does not give us the opportunity to really get in there and fight fire how we might fight fire in previous events.” (RELATED: San Francisco Sky Bright Orange From ‘Snowing’ Ash, Wildfire Smoke)

The wind isn’t the only environmental factor contributing to the wildfires. Chief of Fire Protection at the Oregon Department of Forestry told reporters that Oregon is experiencing extremely dry conditions and a cold front moved in,

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