State seeks to bar Eyman from controlling political money

State seeks to bar Eyman from controlling political money

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – Washington state is seeking to bar initiative promoter Tim Eyman from having any future financial control of political committees as a judge hears arguments that he solicited kickbacks, laundered donations and flouted campaign finance law in a long-running scheme to enrich himself.

Eyman’s trial before Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon opened Monday in a 2017 lawsuit brought by the attorney general’s office. The court previously found Eyman committed other violations as part of the case, including that he failed to disclose more than $766,000 in campaign contributions that he received in personal accounts. Eyman had to pay more than $300,000 in contempt-of-court sanctions for obstructing the state’s investigation.

Among the issues remaining at the trial is whether Eyman hid a $308,000 kickback from the for-profit signature-gathering firm Citizen Solutions. The state is seeking steep financial penalties in addition to the ban on controlling political money.

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“Tim Eyman has continually and willfully violated the

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