State of the Union: 2 Kings 6:17

State of the Union: 2 Kings 6:17

I’ve been wanting to write this article for several months, and it never quite came together right.

Today it finally did.  

I want to talk to you about the State of our Union…..the state of America.

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How does it look?


Like hope is lost?

Like 2020 has been the worst year many of us have ever lived through, at least collectively?

Does it look like we have so many enemies that can’t possibly be defeated?

– The Crooked Media

– The Crooked Democrats

– The Deep State

– George Soros

– Bill Gates

– Viruses

– Untrustworthy vaccines

Should I go on?

I probably don’t need to spend any time convincing you of any of that.

So I won’t.

I’m here to encourage you.  

But not with false hope….I’m here to give you true inspiration, based on a solid rock.  

There is an awesome song called Surrounded that I will link below.  

Here are

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