Stanford Student Senator Called for “White People” to Be “Eradicated”

Stanford Student Senator Called for “White People” to Be “Eradicated”

Stanford University is one of the most prestigious and expensive university in America.  Its tuition rates are astronomical while its acceptance rates are minuscule.  The brightest minds in America once walked its halls destined to be the private and public leaders of tomorrow.

Now, tomorrow is here and it seems Stanford’s student government merely churns out stereotypical despots.  And these despots are endorsed by their student newspaper while appearing to support the world’s next racial extermination and hatred for America.  Don’t believe us, though.

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Photo of Gabby Crooks

Read some of the tweets from Gabrielle Crooks who is running for re-election in the student government and let us know what you think.

The Federalist Reports

In several tweets dug up from last year, a Stanford University sophomore [Crooks] running for reelection in student government made racist comments against white people, notably saying that “white people need to be eradicated.”

“[Y]es I think white people need to be eradicate

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