‘Squad’ Member Calls for Abolishing Police After Daunte Wright Incident

‘Squad’ Member Calls for Abolishing Police After Daunte Wright Incident

Democratic politicians are either intentionally sabotaging the country, or just have a knack for picking the worst solutions to the most severe problems.

That dichotomy might sound oversimplified, but consider the way they continue to sow division while calling for anarchy every time an interaction between a black person and police turns violent — and they seem suspiciously unbothered when yet another American city turns into a warzone.

Since widespread rioting began in May 2020 with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, Democratic politicians have twisted, bent, stretched or fabricated the facts to fit their narrative blaming systemic racism for these situations with the only proposed solution to abolish law enforcement entirely.

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The latest use of this pattern came after a 20-year-old black man Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Sunday.

Members of “the squad” were front and center after the tragedy

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