Spyware used to hack phones of journalists, activists: report

Spyware used to hack phones of journalists, activists: report

Investigators found evidence of powerful spyware that’s designed to be used to track criminals on the phones of journalists, human rights activists and politicians, a bombshell report said.

Some 23 phones showed signs that they were hacked and another 14 showed signs of attempted hacks using Pegasus software licensed by Israeli-based NSO Group, a private technology firm, according to an investigation by The Washington Post and several media partners.

The spyware can be sent in a message, but may not even need to be clicked on to hack a phone – leading one cyberattack expert to call it “eloquently nasty.”

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Using the spyware, hackers can have access to anything on a phone and may even be able to activate cameras and microphones.

“There’s not anything wrong with building technologies that allows you to collect data; it’s necessary sometimes,” Timothy Summers, IT director at Arizona State University, told the Washington Post.

But Summers, a former cybersecurity engineer in US intelligence,

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