‘Spygate’ Professor Claims Immunity Against Russian-British Academic’s Lawsuit


Stefan Halper, who allegedly met with Trump aides as an FBI informant, asked a federal judge to dismiss a Russian-British academic’s defamation lawsuit against him. Halper said he has immunity from the lawsuit, which Svetlana Lokhova filed against him in May. Halper does not admit to being an FBI informant, though he argues government agents have qualified immunity against lawsuits.

Stefan Halper, the former Cambridge University professor who allegedly met with several Trump campaign aides as an FBI informant, asked a federal judge Tuesday to dismiss a defamation lawsuit that a Russian-British academic filed against him in May, saying government agents have immunity from litigation.

Halper does not confirm he was an FBI informant in his motion to dismiss. He also does not admit to being a source for articles about Svetlana Lokhova, the Russia-born academic. But he argues that if he were an FBI informant, he would have immunity afforded to other government agents. (RELATED: Stefan Halper Is Sued By Cambridge Academic Linked To Flynn)

“Private individuals who participate in FBI investigations are subject to the federal common law qualified immunity applicable to government agents,” wrote Halper’s lawyers, Terrance Reid, Robert Moir, and Robert

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