Speedboat Britain to Donate Spare Vaccines to Poor Countries

Speedboat Britain to Donate Spare Vaccines to Poor Countries

The United Kingdom, which the EU compared to a “speedboat” in vaccine development, has committed to giving 80 per cent of its spare doses to the third world once all adults in Britain have been vaccinated.

Hundreds of millions of vaccines will be sent to the worldwide distribution programme Covax, Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged on Friday at a virtual meeting of the G7. The British will give out 20 per cent of their doses directly, including possibly to the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the struggling European Union, as earlier suggested.

“The development of viable coronavirus vaccines offers the tantalising prospect of a return to normality,” Prime Minister Johnson will tell the world’s top seven global economy nations, according to The Times. “But we must not rest on our laurels. As leaders of the G7, we must say today: never again.”

The teleconference between the United Kingdom, United States, Canada,

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