'South Park' Targets Trump and 'Treasonous Pig' Rudy Giuliani


Comedy Central satire South Park has purposefully avoided targeting Donald Trump for the last few seasons. But in this week’s episode, all bets were off as Trump’s character was assailed and a Trump advisor, Rudy Giuliani, was called a “treasonous Pig.”

Wednesday’s episode saw Trump portrayed as an immoral figure advising Randy about how to get away with criminal activity. Giuliani also came in for particular opprobrium and was described as pulling a baggie of marijuana out of his anal cavity to give it to Randy, who’s in jail.

In the episode entitled “Season Finale” (though it is not the last episode of the season), Randy is arrested for tampering with marijuana and sabotaging the pot crop of a rival. He is eventually arrested and criticized for his increasingly obnoxious behavior.

To figure out how to get out of his troubles, Randy phones Donald Trump from prison and asks the

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