South China Morning Post to tokenize 118-year-old archive with NFTs

South China Morning Post to tokenize 118-year-old archive with NFTs

Veteran Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) is creating a series of NFTs using a new token standard called “ARTIFACT,” designed to preserve historical assets on the blockchain.

In its ARTIFACT Litepaper, SCMP presents an overview of the project, which is a standardized metadata structure that can be used to ensure that key moments from SCMP’s 118-year-old archive of media assets can be preserved through distributed ownership and circulation.

Gary Liu, SCMP’s CEO, has said that “blockchain offers immense potential to immutably preserve journalism that witnesses and explains history. The ‘ARTIFACT’ project is an opportunity to discover, collect, showcase, trade, and reanimate meaningful moments and objects from our collective human experience.”

SCMP’s NFTs will be broadly inspired by the newspaper’s archive of documentary photography, visual illustrations, data visualizations and infographics. Representing journalistic “first drafts of history,” these include text, photographs, cartoons and illustrations amassed by SCMP over more than a century.

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While the token standard will be blockchain-agnostic in the long

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