Some On The Left Are Realizing Having More Babies Is A Good Idea

Some On The Left Are Realizing Having More Babies Is A Good Idea

Whether it’s a good thing to bring more children into this world is one of the most basic and important questions any human can ask. It speaks to how we view every new person’s wholesale contribution to our collective future. The question is essential, not only to people who adhere to historic faiths in which God’s first command is to “Go forth and multiply,” but also to evolutionary naturalists who believe the name of the game of life is successfully handing off one’s DNA to the next generation.

One’s answer to this question typically falls along predictable ideological lines, coming down to one’s view on the fragility of the natural environment against the prospects of human progress and the basic virtue and value of life.

On Apr. 25, two fashionable magazines on the left — Vogue and The Atlantic  — published two opposing responses to this question. Dramatically, Vogue asked, “Is Having a Baby in 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism?

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