‘Slimy’ FBI bigwig sexually harassed his juniors, drank on the job

‘Slimy’ FBI bigwig sexually harassed his juniors, drank on the job

A “slimy” and “creepy” high-ranking FBI agent groped three of his female subordinates, made inappropriate sexual comments in the workplace and regularly drank on the job, according to documents obtained by The Post.

The unidentified G-man, who worked as a supervisory assistant special agent in charge, was investigated by the Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office, which substantiated three allegations of unwanted sexual touching and the illegal boozing, according to the documents, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Details about when and where the conduct took place were redacted, but the records show the allegations were investigated by the New York Field Office and the probe was completed on Dec. 7, 2020.

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The creepy G-man allegedly targeted his junior colleagues at booze-filled after-work events at bars, as well as in the workplace, according to the docs.

In one of the incidents, the assistant special agent in charge allegedly fondled another FBI

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