Six Trump Policies That Biden Ran Against...But Now Endorses

Six Trump Policies That Biden Ran Against…But Now Endorses

Guest Post from PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of  The Blue State Conservative:

Six campaign issues for which Biden hammered Trump in the debates and general campaign – but has resumed or explicitly supported

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Parker: This article is focusing on six blatant back walks by President(*) Biden. They are a net positive for America, but the point is to highlight the left’s lies and fake attacks against President Trump, not celebrate any current achievements. From the outset, we need to squash the trying-to-become-mainstream idea that Biden and Trump are interchangeable on major policy issues. Just…no. We are writing this article to point out the stupidity of voters that eat up leftist lies on the campaign trail – and really every other waking moment of their ignorant lives. Basically Democrat voters are helpless.

Now that we settled the premise, let’s dive in.

#6: Joe Biden

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