Six Democrat Scandals That Should Have Ruined Careers

Six Democrat Scandals That Should Have Ruined Careers

In this installment of the weekly conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative resurrect six recent, explosive scandals that deserve answers and the Democrats’ new favorite buzzword: Accountability. 

Parker: Both the news cycle and cancel culture, in their insatiable desire to create new hysterias and villains, have produced more than just victims in their unholy wake. They have also created cover for arguably some of the worst political actors in modern times. When it comes to non-scandal scandals, there is an intentional obfuscation of truth and justice in the effort for leftist domination.

Let’s explore some of these issues that need and deserve more attention.

To start off, it seems fair to ask what became of Andrew Cuomo. Or rather, what did not become of Andrew Cuomo. Not that long ago, he was facing two significant charges, the first being the fact that he knowingly lied about Covid

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