‘Sidequests,’ sponsorships, and e-sports as DeFi protocols ponder user acquisition

‘Sidequests,’ sponsorships, and e-sports as DeFi protocols ponder user acquisition

One of the most intractable problems in DeFi may be facing a ecosystem-wide effort as a growing number of protocols are beginning to get creative with their advertising and outreach efforts. 

Automated market maker Uniswap announced today a collaboration with esports group Team Secret. Funded by the Uniswap Grants Program, Uniswap will become an official sponsor of the team in exchange for $112,500. In an announcement blog post, Team Secret said that they will be “developing exclusive content and esports activations” for the Uniswap community, as well as help Uniswap reach a new userbase.

Team Secret’s journey to the Moon

We are pleased to welcome our new partner @Uniswap to the Secret Fam!

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Uniswap’s decentralized tech paves the way for a brighter future in crypto. For the HODLers and those who paperhand a 2-0 Finals lead

https://t.co/HF1vCHAbii pic.twitter.com/6nNZvGeP31

— Team Secret (@teamsecret) June 1, 2021

“The first time in history a DAO sponsors an esports team? Won’t be the last,” reads a description

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