SHOCKING: Biden Fails to Acknowledge D-Day

SHOCKING: Biden Fails to Acknowledge D-Day

In a shocking turn of events or lack thereof, the Biden regime did not make an official recognitional note of the 77th anniversary of D-Day, one of the most pivotal and celebrated moments of the Second World War. Indeed, according to Fox News, sources from Homeland Security have confirmed that while Kamala Harris made a Twitter entry regarding D-Day, Joe Biden instead posted a video about meeting with witnesses to the Tulsa riots in 1921. Interestingly enough, Biden affirmed his intentions to speak out regarding issues of race as he has been doing his entire political career, conveniently not mentioning which side of the issue he spoke out on.

In addition to this, Press Secretary Jen Psaki also failed to use “the perfect opportunity” on Sunday to acknowledge D-Day when she was being interviewed by CNN but failed to do so as well. As far as can be gathered, it is estimated that around 2,500 Americans perished storming the

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