SHOCKING Admission from President Trump on Rush Limbaugh Show

SHOCKING Admission from President Trump on Rush Limbaugh Show

As we all know, President Trump was hospitalized earlier this month after contracting COVID-19.

It’s really been unclear just how bad the President was, but he may have eluded to his condition prior to receiving treatment.

During an interview with Rush Limbaugh, President Trump talked about his condition, his treatment, how he’s feeling today, as well as what we may be able to expect for treatment going forward.

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“I was in not great shape” when he was admitted to Walter Reed last week, Trump told Limbaugh. “But we had a medicine that healed me,” he added. “I might not have recovered at all without the Regeneron cocktail.”

“This is a cure. Call it what you want, it’s a cure. I’m talking to you today because of it,” the president said. “This is a total gamechanger.”

“People are going to get immediately better, like I did,” Trump said, adding the treatment could save “hundreds of thousands” of Americans’ lives. “A

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