Shocked Hiker Captures Unbelievable Photo of Ship

Shocked Hiker Captures Unbelievable Photo of Ship

Who would ever think a ship could fly?

Well, only those who realize what is happening won’t be baffled by this image taken off the coast of England in early March near Falmouth, Cornwall, by area resident David Morris on his morning hike.

According to BBC News, meteorologist David Braine said “special atmospheric conditions that bend light” caused the “superior mirage” of a ship hovering above the sea.

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A “superior mirage,” according to The Free Dictionary, is “a spurious image of an object formed above the object’s position by abnormal  refraction conditions.”

Basically, the “hovering ship” we see is the byproduct of temperature inversion, a weather condition in which cold air rests on the surface beneath warmer air, Braine said, according to the BBC.

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Morris, a 52-year-old property developer, told The

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