Sheep Farmer Sentenced For Contaminating Baby Food

Sheep Farmer Sentenced For Contaminating Baby Food

Nigel Wright, a sheep farmer from Britain, was sentenced to 14 years in prison Monday for plotting to lace baby food with metal shards in order to blackmail Tesco, a major British supermarket.

Wright was seen entering the baby food aisle in the Lockerbie, Scotland, store before tampering with the food on the shelves, the Daily Mail reported.

Tesco immediately issued a product recall after two mothers found pieces of the metal in the Heinz baby food jars, according to the Independent. As a result of the recall, 42,000 jars of Heinz baby food were returned. (RELATED: Man Arrested After Allegedly Putting Razor Blades In Pizza Dough, Police Say)

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The baby food included in the recall includes a variety of flavors, including Sunday Chicken Dinner, Winter Veggies, Spaghetti Bolognese, and others.

Wright was working with a group of farmers upset with Tesco for purchasing their milk at a low price, AP reported.

Wright claimed he was “forced to carry out the baby food plot by travelers who were threatening him.”

He demanded the supermarket pay him £1.4 million or the babies who ate the food would be “seriously or fatally injured,” per BBC News.

The threat

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