Shark Advocates Want To Replace Wording For Shark ‘Attacks’ With ‘Bites’

Shark Advocates Want To Replace Wording For Shark ‘Attacks’ With ‘Bites’

A group of shark advocates are pressing for shark “attacks” to be renamed potentially in an effort to shift the conversation about negative interactions with the creatures.

As The New York Post reported, “Marine experts and advocates in Australia are urging the public to refrain from using the word ‘attack’ in reference to sharks, declaring that the majestic predatory fish has been unfairly stigmatized as a deliberate killer.”

“Instead, officials have suggested that violent run-ins with sharks be dubbed with more neutral words — such as ‘interactions,’” the outlet added. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, this is “a move scientists say is both welcome and well overdue.”

The outlet reported: 

A senior Queensland official told a Noosa shark symposium in May the state’s communications would preference “bites” over “attacks” based on social research, three scientists attending the meeting have told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Its SharkSmart website lists how to minimise risks “of a negative encounter with a shark”.

In [New South Wales], the Department of Primary

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