Seven Valentine’s Day Cocktails To Help You Celebrate Love


Valentine’s Day is upon us. While some consider it an amateur holiday, one on which men looking to impress their dates in the worst way possible order and send back two bottles of white zinfandel before mildly affirming that the third is acceptable. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Though it’s an amateur holiday, a Hallmark holiday even if it doesn’t yet have a large plethora of Hallmark movies dedicated to it (yet), it can still be celebrated with gusto. Like Christmas, which we believe Hallmark has attempted to take over but hasn’t yet, that we also celebrate with gusto. 

And as with that holiday, we can add some lube to help take it to the next level. (Not that kind, at least not until after this kind.) To help you with that, here are some offerings that can help you get prepared to celebrate, with gusto. 

The Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine was a priest who was beaten to

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