Seriously? Schumer Wants Trump Investigated Over $20 Bill


Proving once again that Democrats in Congress will use virtually any excuse to hinder, investigate, or otherwise obstruct President Donald Trump’s administration, it now appears that Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has made a federal production out of delayed plans to update the $20 bill.

For many years there has been discussion about replacing the face of slave-owning former President Andrew Jackson on the common currency note with that of a hero of the anti-slavery abolition movement, Harriet Tubman, a process that was purported to officially be launched in 2016 by then-Obama administration Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, according to The Hill.

But that plan was recently placed on hold by Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin until at least 2028, primarily over concerns about potential counterfeiting issues, as reported by Newsmax.

But The Hill has now reported that Schumer had apparently rejected the reason offered up by Mnuchin and demanded the Treasury Department’s inspector general conduct a full investigation

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