Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville drops the ball on basic facts

Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville drops the ball on basic facts

It’s a good thing he wasn’t a civics coach.

Alabama Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville — a former Auburn University football coach — committed a series of major fumbles while discussing American government and history with a local newspaper.

The Republican misidentified the three branches of government when asked by the Alabama Daily News if Democrats and Republicans would have to work together in the narrowly divided chambers of Congress.

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“Yeah and that’s how our government was set up. You know, our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three…branches of government,” he said Thursday.

“It wasn’t set up that way, our three branches, the House, the Senate and executive.”

Under the US Constitution, the federal government’s powers are divided among the legislative — which includes both the House and Senate — the executive and the judicial branches.

Tuberville also said he was upset that projected winner Joe Biden could “run for president of the United States and

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