Senate unanimously passes $2 trillion coronavirus bill with cash giveaway


The Senate passed a massive coronavirus stimulus bill that sends cash directly to most adults in a bid to shore up the faltering economy.

The bill expected to top $2 trillion and also bails out businesses, hospitals and local governments. It passed late Wednesday night and now heads to the House for final approval.

The package authorizes $1,200 checks for all adults who earn up to $75,000 and creates enormous loan programs for businesses.

A generous boost of $600 per week in unemployment pay led to a final road bump when a group of Republicans sought unsuccessfully to change the bill so the unemployed could not get more than 100 percent of their prior pay.

The package creates a $500 billion loan program run by the Treasury Department to assist businesses struggling to stay afloat. Loans to President Trump’s businesses and those of members of Congress, other officials and their families are banned.

A separate $350 billion loan program

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