Senate candidate in Arizona blasts military cuts for wall


PHOENIX (AP) – The Trump administration’s plan to divert money from defense projects to build a wall along the Mexico border could hurt Arizona’s military industry to pay for the barrier that isn’t necessary, Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly said Friday.

Kelly said the Pentagon’s plan could hurt the F-35 fighter program at Luke Air Force Base, where pilots are trained to fly the Air Force’s newest and most technologically sophisticated fighter, and the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma. Defense Department officials have not detailed specific cuts.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to take money away from our national defense, especially bases here in Arizona, to fund a project that in my opinion isn’t necessary,” Kelly told reporters following a tour of a Goodwill sorting and distribution center in Phoenix.

The Pentagon on Thursday slashed billions of dollars in funding for 17 Navy and Air Force aircraft and other military programs to free up money for the wall.

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