Sen Ron Johnson, the New White Hat

Sen Ron Johnson, the New White Hat

Ron Johnson came out on Thursday in support of medical freedom, citing skepticism in the big push to get all Americans vaccinated. 

Thank you, Ron Johnson, there are angels among us! 

Unfortunately, the pro-vaccine crowd instantly came out to criticize the senator from Wisconsin. 

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They aren’t even trying to find true criticisms- Satan is flying at full force with slander, hatred, and derogatory comments.

Here is what the oh-so-nice leftists have to say on Twitter:

Ron Johnson is the dumbest asshole in Congress. He’s like a walking Facebook meme from your crazy uncle.

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) April 23, 2021

We are only going to have more antivaxxers in the US Senate unless we start getting rid of the ones in state houses. @SAFECommCo

— Karen Ernst (@KarenLErnst) April 23, 2021

Ron Johnson is a pro-Covid, pro-domestic terrorism, pro-Russia, anti-American white nationalist who is actively trying to kill his constituents. RT if you

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