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Sen Harris Introduces Resolution Declaring Name 'Wuhan Virus' as 'Anti-Asian'


A number of Senate Democrats are siding with China as they seek to pass a resolution condemning the use of the term “Wuhan virus” when referring to the coronavirus.

The resolution states that “the use of anti-Asian terminology and rhetoric related to COVID-19, such as the ‘Chinese Virus’,  ‘Wuhan Virus’, and ‘Kung-flu’, have perpetuated anti-Asian stigma.”

The resolution claims there were more than 400 cases of anti-Asian discrimination related to COVID-19 between Feb. 9 and March 7, and uses most of its text to denounce racism.

In explaining why the term should be shunned, the resolution cites the World Health Organization as an authority in saying that “naming COVID–19 by its geographic location or linking COVID–19 to a specific ethnicity perpetuates stigma.”

The resolution “calls on all public officials

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