SEE IT: Whistleblower Failed To Disclose Contact With Schiff’s Office In Initial Complaint, CBS Reporter Highlights


In the initial disclosure form submitted to the intelligence community inspector general, the whistleblower behind the complaint that sparked the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry failed to include key information about his/her contact with the office of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), who is heading up the inquiry.

While CBS News first reported on the missing information on the disclosure form on Nov. 22, CBS Senior Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge’s tweet Monday highlighting blank sections in the form requiring “a detailed accounting of who is aware of the complaint” has drawn renewed attention to the issue in conservative circles online.

“As impeachment enters new phase, [whistleblower] did not initially disclose contact w/Schiff staff citing ‘guidance on a procedural question,’ ‘no substance of the actual disclosure was discussed,’ and ‘way the form question was worded,’” tweeted Herridge, noting that she highlighted the key sections that should have included detailed disclosures.

As impeachment enters new phase, #WB did not initially disclose contact w/Schiff staff

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