Season 3 Confirms It’s Time For ‘Stranger Things’ To End


“Stranger Things” needs to end. Not because it is bad, but precisely because it is so good—the latest season perfectly encapsulating the very definition of a bittersweet ending—that I fear subsequent seasons will do a disservice not just to the show and its fans, but to some of the deeper insights subtly woven into the latest iteration of the wildly popular streaming adventure-horror-drama show.

“Stranger Things” sits at the forefront of the escapist nostalgic entertainment that seems to have become as much of a cultural phenomenon today as the 1950s was for the boomer generation during the ’70s and ’80s.

Nostalgia, Trauma, and Growing Up

The show’s third season picks up in the summer after the events of season two, about nine months later. For an adult, that’s an increasingly short span of time, but for a child, especially one on the cusp of adolescence, it can sometimes feel like an eternity.

This is one of the more powerful themes

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