Schumer Pledges To Make $2K Checks The First Priority Of New Senate

Schumer Pledges To Make $2K Checks The First Priority Of New Senate

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told reporters Wednesday that the first priority of the new Senate, which comes to order January 20th, will be to pass $2,000 individual coronavirus stimulus checks.

Republicans and Democrats have sparred over the dollar amount of individual relief checks, eventually settling on $600 checks after a protracted back-and-forth, but Schumer says that now that Democrats are no longer required to negotiate, $2,000 payouts will be first on the agenda.

“One of the first things I want to do is deliver the $2,000 checks to the American families,” Schumer said.

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The soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader did not say how he plans to pay for the bill, nor whether the measure would be a stand-alone bill, targeted just at getting relief to taxpayers. Previous coronavirus relief bills have been packed with handouts to businesses, large and small, and the latest bill to pass came paired with a massive omnibus spending bill that funded the government through November

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