Schumer: GOP 'denying reality' of Biden win

Schumer: GOP 'denying reality' of Biden win

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused the GOP of denying the outcome of the presidential election and Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

“Instead of working to pull the country back together so that we can fight our common enemy, COVID-19, the Republican majority is spreading conspiracy theories, denying reality, and poisoning the well of our democracy,” the New York Democrat said Monday. “It seems like Republicans all over Washington are auditioning for ‘Profiles in Cowardice’ — nudging each other aside to see who can say the most outlandish thing in support of President Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.”

Trump has not conceded to Biden, who was declared the winner more than a week ago by major media outlets. Trump is blocking Biden from key national security and health briefings that would typically be provided to the president-elect.

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Republican leaders have not acknowledged Biden as the winner and said Trump should be allowed to pursue legal challenges. State

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